Before and . . .

We present these projects with before pictures and CAD renderings of proposed remodeling results. There are a variety of reasons these projects have no actual “after” photographs:

  • The project has been completed, but our photographer hasn’t taken pictures yet;
  • The homeowner has put the project on hold (or decided not to proceed in the near future); or
  • The project is scheduled for completion in 2019.

Part of our design process — for every project — includes creating “virtual” photographs using a sophisticated computer-aided drafting program, to show homeowners what the completed project will look like. We have the ability to use any material, any color, any texture, to help you make decisions.

An existing home in Dundee with a proposed Accessory Dwelling Unit for the owners’ parents.¬† The first ADU was instrumental in increasing the minimum size for ADU’s in Yamhill County.

The existing Portland kitchen was beautiful, but dark. Homeowners needed more light and storage for cooking and entertaining, frequently playing games at the table with their grandchildren.

A retired contractor bought a rental home in Brightwood. He achieved total transformation with a new kitchen, two bathrooms, and indirect LED lighting in the living room to enhance his lifestyle.